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How deep is iPhone 7 waterproof?

One of the main new features of iPhone 7 is its water resistance. The Apple smartphone is IP67 certified, which guarantees that the terminal is water and dust resistant, but does not ensure that it is waterproof.

Water resistance was a long-awaited feature, although when Apple announced that the device was IP67 certified instead of the IP68 that many competing devices already have, it didn’t take long for the first criticism to come in. It is true that perhaps Apple could have opted for more advanced protection, but this time it is what they have decided to incorporate so that the bravest have set to work to test the limit of this water resistance of the iPhone 7 .

How deep is iPhone 7 waterproof?
How deep is iPhone 7 waterproof?

A group of divers wanted to test the real strength of the new iPhone and to do so they carried out a series of tests by immersing the phone at different depths while recording video with it.

To perform the iPhone 7’s dive resistance test they decided to go down to different depths and then check the status of the equipment. On the first dive the depth reached was about 4.5 meters for 5 minutes, while on the second dive they reached about 7.6 meters . Are you curious about the results obtained? In this video you can see it and then we comment it:

At least the unit the divers had resisted the 4.5-metre depth without problems . When the phone came out of the water it was intact and continued to work normally. In the second test, the 7.6-metre test, the results were not as good. The handset was still on and some of its components were still working, but the display was beginning to show water damage and the home button was not working.

This water resistance test shows that, although not designed for it, the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus can be immersed in shallow water for a few minutes without damage . At greater depths, however, the results are no longer as good and damage is almost guaranteed.

Apple says on its website that the terminal is resistant to splashes and dust, but at no point does it indicate that it can be completely immersed. In addition, they also indicate that with the passage of time and regular use, this resistance may decrease (we assume that, as with watches, the seal is gradually deteriorating), so we do not recommend testing the resistance of your iPhone 7 by intentionally submerging it.

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