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How CarPlay Works on a Chrevolet Corvette Stingray

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De todas formas, CarPlay tiene todas las papeletas para convertirse en la tecnología de conducción del futuro ya que la experiencia de usuario (salvando algún que otro inconveniente) es de lo más dinámica y estrecha, dotando a nuestro vehículo de una inteligencia que nos puede resultar de gran utilidad si lo utilizamos de manera habitual.

How CarPlay Works on a Chrevolet Corvette Stingray
How CarPlay Works on a Chrevolet Corvette Stingray

From our Blog we have already talked at length about the future CarPlay car gadget that Apple plans to integrate shortly in all those vehicles that at the moment, have the patent but… Can you imagine it working in a luxurious Chrevolet Corvette Stingray? If so, read on.

In case you don’t know CarPlay, we will briefly explain that is a device from Apple designed to be incorporated into our vehicle which will facilitate better driving.

As if it were a GPS (in fact it includes this function), our CarPlay is able to open our messages, access maps, play our favourite music, podcasts and much more , without having to use our hands as Siri is integrated into it.

Of course CarPlay has a touch panel in case we have to do some previous configuration before we start driving, but to get you up to speed with CarPlay, technology expert Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal shows us in a video how the user experience is in a (no more and no less) Chrevolet Corvette Stingray circulating in New York.

Not everything is so wonderful

In this video you will be able to see all the qualities and disadvantages of having CarPlay incorporated in our car . Although everything seems to point to the fact that it is a positive experience, the final conclusion is that perhaps this gadget should be outlined a little more since there are functions that in theory should be intrinsic to the device, but in practice are not.

Take a look and judge for yourselves:

Ratings to consider

Some of the reasoning behind CarPlay would be that both the use of Siri and Apple Music is quite positive since both the playback of our favorite songs as well as the search for information on them are executed quickly and easily with a simple voice command.

The other side of the coin is that the use of Apple Maps may not be as accurate and concrete as for example its competitor Google Maps as the latter provides a fairly comprehensive improvement on the traffic situation, routes to be followed and which is the fastest option to get from point A to point B.