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How can we see the links before clicking on them in iOS

The Mac Observer

From the looks of it, it’s clear that Apple will never cease to amaze us with iOS and its features. Just when you thought you knew everything about iOS, a new “hidden” function appears that goes a little bit further than the user’s eyes, like this one that allows you to see the links of the web pages before clicking on them .

How can we see the links before clicking on them in iOSHow can we see the links before clicking on them in iOS

Today at iPadizate we’re going to show you the steps you have to follow to be able to see the link before clicking on it if you use an iOS device. There are two ways to do this, one from the Mail application and the other with the Safari app , the Apple web browser.

The HTML design itself uses both a hyperlink and the link text. All you’re supposed to see is the link text, but there are some ways to see the URL below the link in both Mail and Safari on iOS devices. Here we go!

If you have a link that you received via email in the Mail app, all you have to do is hold your finger over it until a small pop-up window appears . In this window you will see the URL at the top along with other options such as: copy, add to reading list and copy.

Once this is done, if you want to avoid entering the link just click anywhere else on the screen to make the pop-up disappear. It’s that easy!

In the case of Safari the operation is the same . When you want to check the URL of a link, just click and hold your finger on it until the pop-up window opens.

Using this little trick can go a long way in making sure that the link takes you where you really want to go , since you have a preview of the actual URL you are going to go to. In this way, you heal yourself and avoid accessing a fraudulent page.