how can we restore our device after a disaster?

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Without a doubt, one of the most interesting options of iCloud is the possibility of having a backup of our iOS equipment in the cloud and from which we can trust a little more synchronization and the possibility that we may lose our equipment. This backup makes a copy of absolutely* all our data and settings, so we can restore a new computer with the settings of an old one.

how can we restore our device after a disaster?
how can we restore our device after a disaster?

But before we can trust this data recovery, we must activate the service in the system settings because by default the creation of backups is deactivated. There are two important details to bear in mind here: backups are only made via Wifi and if you enable this option you will disable iTunes backups at the same time .

How do we proceed with the recovery of this backup? We only have to add our iCloud account to our computer configuration, as soon as we log in our iOS will ask us if we want to register it as a new unit or if we want to restore it with the settings of our previous computer.

The restoration is a relatively slow process, in my case it took almost an entire night. The next morning my iPhone was the same as it was a few days before it was deleted. The only detail to take into account is that these copies, in the case of content, only store content purchased from the iTunes Store.

This refers to the “*” in the first paragraph of the entry. If our iTunes library has been purchased in its entirety from the iTunes Store there is no problem, otherwise only the songs and albums we have purchased from it are restored. As for the application, there will be no problem as long as all of them have been purchased from the App Store.

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