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How can we improve? Help us with your comments

Hello to all dear Apple 5×1 readers.
It is a pleasure for me to be able to address each of you to ask for your participation. We would like you to help us to identify our defects , our virtues , and of course, those that you miss on our website.

Every day we try to do a good job and help all of you keep up with the latest information about Apple, but I know we can improve and we will do so by listening carefully to all of your suggestions.

Apple 5×1 is continuously growing

How can we improve? Help us with your comments
How can we improve? Help us with your comments

Apple 5×1 has been on the web since September 2012, since then we have been growing until forging a great community that day by day you follow us through our different sites: web page, YouTube channel, podcast and social networks.

Since then, and as is understandable, we have experienced many changes in order to evolve and not get stuck. We also do not believe that monotony is good, and since I am particularly a “restless ass”, I want to take another step in this process of growth.

How can you help us? Here are the keys

Apple 5×1 is for you , and may you be the ones to help us with the future of it. Let’s start with our website, leave us in the comments of this post your answer to the following questions (if you can answer in the same format as I am asking them, so much the better):

  • How do you value the immediacy of the content we upload daily?
  • What is the reason you read https:/
  • What don’t you like about https:/
  • What content do you like the most on our website?
  • What content are you missing?
  • What would you improve in general terms (web design, periodicity of publications, management of posts on social networks, etc.)

We will take your opinions very much into account to improve in the coming weeks. We really appreciate you taking the time to respond, it’s important to us.

What about the YouTube channel?

The YouTube channel will also give voice to subscribers in a video that we will upload to mita de semana with the same goal, but we want to separate the suggestions from one site to another to make them easier to read.

We’re counting on you, it’s a chance for us to look like the Apple 5×1 you want to have, because you know it, we promise to do it!

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