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How can I export images from the iphone under OS X?

Surely you have found yourself in the situation of wanting to export the photos or videos from the reel of your iPhone or iPad and you couldn’t find the way to do it, or simply with iPhoto it seems a bit cumbersome and very impractical. On OS X there is a very easy way to do it and it is not necessary to install any application , since we will find it installed by default on the system. We are talking about Image Capture.

It is very easy, with the daily use we make of our iPhone’s camera, to find that more than half of our device’s memory is occupied by the photos we have on our film. Many of them surely we can do without them and it would be convenient that from time to time, we do a review of our film and clean all these images that we do not want to have stored. On the other hand, it would be interesting to take a look at the typical pictures we have duplicates of . There are applications such as WhatsApp , which automatically stores the images we download in the chats, and you have them in the reel and in the chat, although this option can be disabled from the application.

How can I export images from the iphone under OS X?
How can I export images from the iphone under OS X?

Whether it’s because we want to export a particular video or image , because we ran out of space on our device and want to download content to leave space , or because we’ve gone to the apple store and the “Genius Bar” has recommended that we do a restoration of our device without restoring the last copy we had to fix the problem, image capture will be our best ally.

When you open the application, it will automatically detect the devices that are connected to your computer (shown in the left sidebar) and display the content stored on them. The application is very simple and has some very basic functions , in the bottom bar we have a button to “rotate” the images, another to “delete”, a drop-down to “select the folder” where we want to export our videos and images, and finally two more buttons with the options “Import” or “Import all”, depending on whether we want to import a selection or all the stored content.

I strongly advise that from time to time or once in a while, you do this procedure. We are not aware of what the loss of these files means, until for some reason, we run out of them . If we are very lazy in this aspect, another very good alternative is the one offered by cloud services, with automatic loading of the images. If we have enough space, it is a more comfortable alternative and one that should be assessed as well.

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