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How Apple Pay will work on the Watch

Although we expect all the details about the Apple Watch to be revealed in less than an hour and a half, we cannot lose detail of every new information we obtain and tell you how Apple Pay will work on the new smartwatch.

New information with the operation of Apple Pay on the Watch

Eddy Cue has disclosed new information on the operation of the Apple Pay system in the Watch . These details have been revealed at an NBA game in Oakland, California, this very Friday.

How Apple Pay will work on the Watch
How Apple Pay will work on the Watch

Eddy is the software director of the apple company and detailed some aspects of the Apple Watch and how its owners will use the company’s payment service with it. According to him it will be much easier to use Apple Pay with the smartwatch than it has been so far with the iPhone.

The user will not need to authenticate himself each time he wants to make a payment. The watch is automatically authenticated when paired with the iPhone, allowing consumers to make purchases without having to re-use the Touch ID system whenever they make a new payment and as long as the watch is still on their wrist.

How to make a payment with Apple Pay and the Watch

The process for making a payment with Apple Pay and the Apple smartwatch will be very similar to that of the iPhone. You will simply have to take the watch to the credit card reader, as it is equipped with NFC technology and the payment will be made . Eddy himself took the opportunity to make a payment with his iPhone 6 at the Golden State Warriors team store.

“You don’t have to authenticate on the iPhone with Touch ID. The Apple Watch has to be unlocked to connect to the iPhone. If I take my watch and give it to someone, they can’t make the payment.” It says Eddy Cue .

According to one report, Cupertino’s company may include a higher security mode and will require a user to authenticate each time a payment is attempted. He has also confirmed that a payment cannot be made in error, as the payment made must be confirmed with the button on the side of the Apple Watch. The first models of the smartwatch have already started to be seen in the Apple stores.

The Apple Watch will also be compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s, using the same technology. However, both models do not have an NFC chip, so you will have to use a PIN code to pair the devices with the apple company’s clock.

In less than an hour we’ll be out of the woods and able to find out all this information from the company on the block itself, at the Spring Forward event which you can follow live on iPadizate. Perhaps we know the launch date of Apple Pay outside the United States, now that the Watch arrives and will have this technology , as we have known thanks to iPhone in Canada.

What do you think about making payments using Apple Pay with the Watch? Do you think it will be safe enough? You can leave your impressions in the comments.

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