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How Apple is working on a coronavirus alert

No one is spared the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, whether it is a small business worker or an entire mega-company the size of Apple. Cupertino’s cannot afford to stop working even if conditions change or are delayed. That is why recently details have come to light about how the firm led by Tim Cook is carrying out this quarantine.

Apple is working on new products

In many countries where restraint has already been decreed, governments are demanding that telework be undertaken wherever possible. In Apple it was not going to be less and for that reason the Apple Park has thrown the temporary closure, forcing to develop all the activities of telematic form. Even some employees have had to take home prototypes of new devices. All of this has been revealed by Bloomberg, who also states the tremendous difficulty that the latter has in keeping the secrecy in the company.

How Apple is working on a coronavirus alertHow Apple is working on a coronavirus alert

Apple Park at night, drone view

It is known that beyond the iPhone 12 , absolute star of the company, Cupertino’s guys are working on other products and software that will see the light in the next months. The iOS 14 , iPadOS 14 and company are still in development, while new iPad and Mac are following their own. All of this requires a huge team of people, so meetings via video calls are very frequent. In fact, the vice presidents of each section must be supervising every new step taken.

It is still difficult to predict whether there will be delays in future products or not. At the moment we can already see how some devices such as the iPhone 9 have already changed their planned launch date, which was scheduled for the end of March. However, this product could be the most imminent by the beginning of April according to sources close to the company.

When will the Apple Store open?

While China is returning to normal after the origin of COVID-19, the company’s stores opened there a week ago. At the same time, other stores around the world were beginning to close. Vice President Deirdre O’Brien, the head of the Apple stores, is also working from home, making sure that her employees and their families are healthy or doing well if they have contracted the virus.

The uncertainty about the coronavirus is global, as even experts cannot predict an approximate time for the virus to be defeated. This means that the company on the block does not have a date for reopening its stores either, although they will do so as soon as possible and always guaranteeing the safety of their employees and visitors. In the United States they are already planning to start opening some stores in mid-April, although again this will depend on how the virus spreads.

In any case, the company is clear that despite the difficult circumstances they have to continue working to advance their plans. It is understood that times are changing as is happening throughout the industry, so this year is perhaps one of the most complicated when it comes to talking about rumours about new devices. We remind you that the Apple stores in Spain and other countries will be closed for several more weeks.