How Apple has dropped from $700 to $500

The drop in Apple’s share price in recent months has attracted a lot of attention. In just three months, from the end of September to the end of December, the price of Apple shares has fallen by 200 dollars. Times are moving on the stock market and Apple has no immunity. Here is a humorous analysis of what happened.

Anyone who has bought Apple shares to sell them in the future and make a profit is already aware of this. Lately, Apple shares have changed more than usual, particularly in a direction that many investors do not want.

How Apple has dropped from $700 to $500
How Apple has dropped from $700 to $500

While a few years ago Apple’s shares kept rising and rising and betting on a buy-sell of shares looking for a profit was a practically safe bet, now it is the opposite .

In the following video from SirIsaacNewton in stocktwits, which is a kind of Twitter of finance, we show the last three months of the quotation of Apple in the American stock market, that is, from December 21st, when Apple was valued at $700 until December 17th, when it was valued at $500 .

As you can see in the video, a poster appears explaining what happened that day so that we can somehow understand why it varied up or down.

For those who like music and have liked the song in the video, this is a kind of version of ” Wizards in Winter ” of the ” Trans-Siberian Orchestra “.

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