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How an Apple user sees Windows Phone

Of course, Windows Phone created a tremendous hype since its release, and now, when people are realizing that it’s not that big a deal either, is when Microsoft offices launch desperate ads looking to get more users or pay developers thousands of dollars to create applications for their platform, when it should be the other way around. Today I’m going to tell you about my experience with Windows Phone, a bit subjective, but that’s why it’s my experience.

There is no doubt that Windows Phone has positioned itself as a serious alternative to iOS and Android . However, despite the fact that Microsoft’s offices are determined to show the world how good their operating system is, experience shows that it is nothing more than a software in which the basic functions are conspicuous by their absence.

How an Apple user sees Windows Phone
How an Apple user sees Windows Phone

For years I have been using iPhone as a mobile phone , and more recently iPad as a tablet. I’ve never been attracted to Android phones, they might have more features, but a phone that lacks design in both hardware and software doesn’t convince me. However, Windows Phone came along and that simple and basic interface convinced me. I have waited for a while for good phones and good versions with this operating system to arrive and a month ago I did it, I left my iPhone 4 to buy a Nokia Lumia 820

The Nokia Lumia 820 seemed like a good choice to me , because despite being a mid-range phone it has many high-end features. There wasn’t much else to choose from either, if I wanted something even more powerful I would have to go for the Lumia 900, 920 or 925, but I didn’t need that much. In any case, you can read more details about the phone in the analysis of my WinPhone Metro colleagues.

First of all, I have to say that most of the time I spend with the iPad, the phone has been left in the background , only for calls, instant messaging and the occasional thing when I don’t have the Apple tablet at hand. Therefore, I have not demanded much from the Nokia , however, even the basics have not been met, this is my experience with a Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is different, okay, but limited

One of the arguments I have always had when complaining to colleagues in the trade is that Windows Phone is different from iOS or Android, it works differently and you have to understand how it works. Ha, it may be different, that navigation differs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be limited in basic functions . I mean, for me, the fact that a mobile phone doesn’t let me see all the notifications at a glance means that it is limited, not that it works differently.

Missing applications, and you can tell

Possibly one of the biggest problems with Windows Phone , not having developers who trust you and create applications for your platform is the worst thing that can happen to you. Luckily or unfortunately I use very few applications on my mobile -as I said before-, however, browsing the app store a little bit one realizes that there is very little to choose from. And that discourages you a lot when using your mobile.

The interface, nice but useless

Indeed, it is an interface that makes you fall in love with it but once you try it for a couple of hours it loses all its charm. From a 4.3 inch screen – impossible to use with one hand as was the case with the iPhone 4 – space is wasted in a mind-blowing way. For example, if you’re chatting with an instant messaging application, between the keyboard, the word suggestion, the contact information, and the status bar you don’t even have 20% of the screen to view the conversation.

In addition, the organization of the buttons or the way the keyboard is arranged becomes inconsistent in many cases. Although this, I guess it’s a matter of getting used to.

Then there’s the issue of colors, the issue of having a black background with white text -or the other way around-, with that powerful contrast it’s good, it’s good to see it from a distance, and so on for a few seconds or minutes at most. But using it in the day to day is unbearable, it’s like being in front of a computer console.

The battery lasts as long as it lasts

With this I am still fascinated, to have a new mobile and that the battery does not pass one day is incomprehensible. Here I won’t go into too much detail because I haven’t focused on configuring the whole phone to squeeze more out of the battery either – that is, I haven’t disabled any features of the phone to save battery power – but still, being new the battery should last, much longer.

Okay, the first two days I overused the phone and had to charge it at noon. But after that I use it as little as possible – as I said before, I don’t use the phone much – and the battery has a hard time making it through the night. After that there have been days when the battery would go down and run out in about 4 hours , just like that, all at once, without warning. Luckily, then I realized that by rebooting the phone it would go away and return to normal.

The lack of basic functions, something unacceptable

This is what bothered me the most, seeing how it lost many functions and features it had in iOS . So they say that this last one is limited, well, they haven’t seen Windows Phone…

I’ve mentioned before, a notification center is essential -fortunately one learns things if one is dedicated to this and knows that Windows 8.1 will improve in this respect. And I don’t want to mention that the notifications arrive to me about two hours later because I think it’s something that I didn’t configure well, however, it’s lousy.

On the other hand that I don’t have the possibility to close open applications and only do it if I’m giving the little arrow back half an hour is the worst. That I don’t have to close them because they don’t rewind the phone? , I will only tell you that the camera goes three times faster if it doesn’t have 10 more applications open.

The Live Tiles, ineffective as they are

The mix they’ve made between widgets and icons would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that they haven’t made it. In other words, it’s of little use to me if you show me information if it’s not what I want you to show me. Example, in a Live Tile of a RSS reader if I receive new news, I get a random image, cut and pixelated, extracted from a random news item that tells me nothing, because this example is for everything. In WhatsApp, the ideal thing would be that it shows me the complete messages and that I could see them all – making scroll for example -, but it is not this way, simply they put me a number with the quantity of messages for reading.

Back to normal

As I write these lines my iPhone 4 purchased over two years ago is being restored. I have definitely had to go back to what works and what I am comfortable with. Here the battery lasts me at least a day and a half and I’m back in the Apple ecosystem – it’s very frustrating to be in two different ecosystems.

The Windows Phone experience? , disappointing, at first the change of scenery is fine, then you realize that the system is more of a beta than a final version. I’m sure that Windows Phone will improve over time, but I don’t recommend it to anyone today. But of course, each one with his own tastes.

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