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Hospital in ruins at the Apple Store site in Madrid

Apple has had a small setback in the construction of Tio Pepe’s Apple Store in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. Excavations in the basement of the building in which the store will be housed have revealed the remains of a 15th century hospital, so the company will have to document the shape of the building and archive it as part of the historical memory.

Recently we knew that the work on the Apple Store in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol was going well, and today we come with more news of one of the most emblematic buildings that will adorn Madrid in the not too distant future.

Hospital in ruins at the Apple Store site in Madrid
Hospital in ruins at the Apple Store site in Madrid

Well, in the midst of the work, they have realized that in the basement of the building are the remains of a fifteenth-century hospital . The excavations have uncovered the foundations of the Buen Suceso hospital, which was demolished in 1854 to make room for the Puerta del Sol.

Right next door was the church with the same name and it already stopped the works of the Sol station for 10 months back in 2009. For that occasion some remains were preserved. However, Apple is not willing to share the remains of old buildings in one of its shops .

Thus, the director general of the Historical Heritage of the Community of Madrid, Jaime Ignacio Muñoz, has commented that Apple has been instructed to change the basement paving so that the layout of the uncovered walls is symbolically recessed . These, once documented, will be re-covered in order to put the shop floor on top.

In addition, Apple will be obliged to place an information panel to explain the drawn layout of the building that was erected on that floor. However, we assume that they will use the basement intelligently as a warehouse, so they will eliminate this possibility with a stroke of the pen.

It was also appreciated to place glass panels as for the church on which the Sol metro station rests, but this idea was quickly discarded because the foundations of a hospital lack little cultural interest. Nevertheless, they will be protected under the foundations of the Apple Store, and will be recognized with historical documentation .

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