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Honeywell Lyric, al termostato de Nest le sale competencia

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Lyric is his answer, a smart thermostat that, like the one from the recently acquired Google company, allows us to control the temperature of our home from our iPhone .

Honeywell Lyric, al termostato de Nest le sale competencia
Honeywell Lyric, al termostato de Nest le sale competencia

Although the initial approach is different, both Lyric’s aspirations and design also bear considerable similarities to the product created by Tony Fadell, including an interface that in Nest’s case drank directly from the iPod and here, is justified as the evolution of the US company’s old thermostats in the 1950s.

The glass front of the new Honeywell thermostat is dominated by a circular display and two buttons, the first for switching between the “home” and “away” states and the second for accessing the weather forecast for the next 12 hours. Everything else is delegated to the iPhone app (soon also for Android) and yes, it is compatible with the iOS 8 HomeKit. Telling Siri to warm up the house must be nice.

Lyric uses our GPS position to know when to start heating the house

As for the software, Lyric provides several really interesting features such as a geo-fence that activates the thermostat when we approach the house within a certain radius (from 10 km to 150 meters) thanks to the GPS of our phone or an algorithm that adjusts the air conditioning automatically depending on the outside temperature and humidity conditions.

Its app also allows us to define zones for each air conditioning outlet (bedrooms, living room) and create custom profiles, for example, to lower it a little while we do sport at home, compensating for the fact that our own body temperature will increase due to physical activity.

Lyric has a price of 279 dollars and although he is not available in our country at the moment, we hope that he will make his landing sooner rather than later so that, here, he can win the race against Nest for being the first to set foot in Europe. We will extend the information in this article as soon as Honeywell Spain has it.

The company has big plans for Lyric that go beyond this thermostat and go through revisiting its entire line of home automation devices to adapt them to this new approach in which our phones play a central role. Just what we need from one of the first companies to bet on Apple’s HomeKit.

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