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HomePod vs Google Home vs Sonos One

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about the HomePod and the notes that Apple’s new smart speaker or smartspeaker gets in tests of artificial intelligence, sound quality and so on, but we’ve only seen it on paper, that is, the theory and it was time to put it into practice when comparing it with the competition or rather, with a part of it as the Amazon Echo is not in this comparison, but both Google Home and Sonos One are, two of the biggest competitors of the HomePod in the current market.

From the first moment we want to make clear that we are not the owners of the content that will be shown next since all the work that the comparison involves is carried out by MacRumors. The first thing we should compare when making a purchase decision is the price and we can expect that the HomePod, being from Apple, is more expensive than the other two, but it is not because it has a price of $349, while the Google Home costs $399, although the Sonos One takes this round because it only has a value of $199 in the market.

HomePod vs Google Home vs Sonos One
HomePod vs Google Home vs Sonos One

The guys at MacRumors have taken 3 factors to be able to buy all 3 smart speakers: sound quality, the design and impact of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant on their respective devices. In design both in materials and aesthetics the HomePod wins as the Google Home is more elongated in width, while the Sonos One has a thinner and more common structure within the world of speakers.

In terms of sound quality, it depends on taste, but the HomePod takes it, secondly the Google Home and finally the Sonos One. In the end everything depends on the preferences of each one to acquire a smartspeaker, if you have several Apple products, then the HomePod is what you are looking for, if you want something affordable the Sonos One is your best purchase and if you want the one that for now has the best virtual assistant, then the Google Home Max will suit you.

Font : MacRumors

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