HomePod now speaks Spanish with iOS 12

iOS 12 has been released to all users with a compatible device a few hours ago as we have already commented in the corresponding article we have done. In addition to providing improvements to the iPhone, iPad or iPod, the HomePod has also received various improvements including support for Spanish. This means that we can now communicate with our HomePod in Spanish, which is predictable since Apple announced the arrival of this intelligent speaker in Spain.

After the completion of the Keynote on September 12, the Apple Store Online left us with a nice surprise: the HomePod will be available for booking in Spain next October 26th.

HomePod now speaks Spanish with iOS 12
HomePod now speaks Spanish with iOS 12

Before this release, it was logical that Apple should work with iOS 12 to make it possible for us to communicate in our language with this speaker without having to resort to English or any other of the other available languages. With the official launch of iOS 12 today, Apple has integrated our language support as well as several improvements such as the ability to receive and answer calls from the speaker itself, without having to resort to the iPhone.

Along with this very basic functionality, the possibility of making emergency calls is incorporated, and support is given to Find My iPhone so that the user can ask Siri to find our iPhone by emitting a characteristic sound in our home.

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In addition, we can now tell the HomePod with a simple button on our iPhone if we want it to only connect to the same WiFi network that our mobile device is connected to. This will make switching networks much easier than it is now, which requires a reset of the smart speaker.

One of the most interesting aspects of this update is the possibility of programming several timers. This will be very useful if you are used to cook a lot, because you will be able to carry out the cooking times more comfortably.

Regarding Siri and the answers she will be able to give us, she highlights the possibility we will have to identify songs based on the lyrics, give information about the nutritional contribution of a food or information about public figures, something that Google Assistant already does.

Both these features and the support for Spanish are steps that we have been waiting for from Apple for many months and that have finally arrived with iOS 12.

Will you end up buying the HomePod when it officially arrives in Spain and Mexico next month?

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