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HomePod news thanks to iOS 13

Apple’s speakers have been a success. Their design, sound quality, and compatibility with the entire Apple ecosystem make them one of the most desirable products for music lovers. Some Smartspeakers continue to improve with the arrival of iOS 13, adding new features.

Voice recognition

iOS 13 will make HomePods capable of recognizing the voice of each of their users, responding with specific information regarding music, messages and reminders. In other words, a kind of multi-user to use the specific data of each user.

Music Sharing

HomePod news thanks to iOS 13
HomePod news thanks to iOS 13

Sharing music between AirPods, but also between iPhone and HomePod. How many times do we come home listening to our music and would like to continue with that song? Now when we bring the iPhone to the HomePod, it starts playing the same thing we were listening to on the phone.

Radio arrives at HomePod

Another great news for HomePods thanks to iOS 13, is that we can finally choose a radio station. In fact with more than 100,000 stations that will be available for radio station lovers.


One of the improvements that HomePods will benefit from thanks to iOS 13 is the improvement in the way Siri speaks. A change that uses Neural TTS (Text Speech) to make it sound much more natural.