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Hoff Zombie Beach para iPhone y iPad, de David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff presents his new game for iPhone and iPad

Yes, my friends, you’ve read well. David Hasselhoff has created his own video game for iPhone and iPad . His name is Hoff Zombie Beach, and we thought it was a kind of mix between Plants vs Zombies 2 (the new update brings levels on the beach) and any other title like “Tower Defense” .

It costs 0.89 euros and its aim is to kill all the zombies that come near the beach. Our character will be “The Hoff” and the theme is based on the fact that we will have to clean all the coast from these horrible creatures while trying to defend some sand castles located at our feet, by the sea.

Hoff Zombie Beach para iPhone y iPad, de David Hasselhoff
Hoff Zombie Beach para iPhone y iPad, de David Hasselhoff

In this action game we have the possibility to upgrade our coast guard with weapons that we can improve little by little.

Become a beach guard for a few hours

As Hasselhoff himself commented, the famous Pamela Andersson (who worked with him as one of the lead actresses in “The Beach Guards”) also makes her appearance as a zombie alongside other celebrities. An extra point to kill them, let’s see where you aim, guys!

According to Pocketgamer, this may be “one of the worst games of all time”. And they are right, neither the physics, nor the graphics, nor the gameplay are any good. But in their defense we can say that manages to entertain thanks to its level of addiction and its touches of madness.

The well-known actor who played Michael Knight in the fantasy car (remember K.I.T.T.?) also pointed out:

There is no doubt that David, the American Bertín Osborne (he has released several music albums) takes criticism with a lot of humour, right? What do you think about this game? Have you tried it yet?

Download Hoff Zombie Beach

Get the game for 0.89 cents from this download box:

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