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historical casual strategy for iPad


‘Roads of Rome HD’ adds an interesting option for those who like time and resource management .

historical casual strategy for iPad
historical casual strategy for iPad

Specifically, the objective in the game is to guide a soldier from Caesar’s Roman legions, and with him the rest of his companions, in the construction of Roman roads around the world . You know the saying that “all roads lead to Rome”, but someone had to build them.

The game follows the usual dynamics of time-management : you have to manage what resources you need, when you have to put them in production queue, establish priorities and watch out for obstacles and enemies. Realore, the game’s developers, had already tried their luck in the sub-genre with ‘Island Tribe HD’, a little more frantic than this ‘Roads of Rome’.

The historical atmosphere and the graphics are perfectly achieved and the plot is quite humorous (in the end, it’s all about making Caesar’s daughter fall in love thanks to our work). Its fun aspect fits well with the lightness of the game . Unfortunately, having Roman legions does not mean that we are going to fight with them. No, no ‘Total War’ here for the time being.

Simplicity is the main goal of the game : even though the levels add difficulties (wolves attacking the legions, rough terrain that needs more effort to build a road on it), everything is too casual and it won’t be anything complicated for those who already have experience in this type of game. It’s a pity that there isn’t a lite version of the game for the moment, so that you can try it out and see if it corresponds to what you expect.

Price: 2,39 euros

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