Highlight of the week: Sparrow comes to iOS

The second week of the year is now over and everyone is back to normal. During this week there has been a lot of news activity and some very interesting ones, such as the news, from its co-founder, that Sparrow will arrive at iOS soon. Here we bring you all the best of this week in a summarized way, highlighting especially the news about the world of the apple and the new applications and games available.

As usual, we’re here to tell you how interesting this week has been in the Apple world. This week we highlight the article by Jose Antonio Carmona that tells us about the interview with Dom Leca, co-founder of the company Sparrow, who among other things states that Sparrow, the popular email manager, will soon arrive at iOS .


Highlight of the week: Sparrow comes to iOS
Highlight of the week: Sparrow comes to iOS

Whatsapp has disappeared from the Apple Store, apparently due to a security problem that jeopardizes the entire device, since it is possible to access our private information. Apple recommends removing the application until they release an update to solve this problem.

Albert Frutos tells us that Apple has been sued by a Valencian company, the reason for which arose a few months ago when Apple obtained an injunction to freeze the sales of a tablet marketed by a Valencian company. For this reason, this Valencian company has decided to denounce them, since this conduct is considered as extortion according to the Spanish Criminal Code.

Francesc Gual brings us a hopeful article for the iPad, as dictation capability has been found in the third beta of iOS 5.1, unfortunately there is no news about this ability for iPhone.

Pere Montpeó tells us about the evolution of Apple’s processors, and that the next A6 processor will have Quad-core for the future iPad and iPhone. Evidence has been found of an iOS chip with four processing cores within the latest iOS 5.1 beta. But until we see a new processor from Apple we can’t be 100% sure, presumably in March.

Finally, this week there have been two important birthdays , the iPhone turns five and the Mac App Store turns one year since its launch.

Games and applications and reviews.

Diego Liarte talks about Renamer, a perfect application for Mac to rename many files quickly. The draw ends on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 23:59, so what are you waiting for?

In our section on Eating Apples , Axel reminds us of Apple’s early rivalry with IBM, a highly recommended article.

In Diary of a Switcher , we have the second part of Using iCloud, if you liked the first part, you’ll love the second part, where Isabel Martinez explains how to configure Mail and streaming photos, among other things.

Axel brings us this week the App Radio application, a perfect application to listen to all the radio stations of the Spanish territory. Perfectly organized by province and with the ability to play it via Air Play with other devices, such as Apple Tv.

Last but not least, Albert Frutos brings us Snoticles, a very addictive and universal game that remains free until today, we certainly recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

That’s all for today, see you throughout the week telling the best of Apple’s news and much more. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or via RSS!

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