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High Sierra’s public beta is now available

It has been more than 3 weeks since the WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), the most awaited event by Apple users and developers , in which they showed us their next products, as an entirely updated range on their two types of computers; MacBook and iMac. Although they left us speechless with the vast amount of news they gave us, what shocked us most was that they said absolutely nothing about their next terminal, the iPhone 8.

Among the firsts that Apple announced to us, we can find the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 11 , which is still in beta phase with exclusivity for developers. This new software by Cupertino’s company promises a lot in all aspects, but it will not be until September that the version will be released to all users of these products, as long as we do it using a device compatible with this new operating system.

High Sierra’s public beta is now available
High Sierra’s public beta is now available

It has been an incredible WWDC 2017, but one of the highlights was the new High Sierra maca . The expectations were quite high, because coming from Sierra macOS, El Capitan and so on, we couldn’t expect less coming from Apple. This new operating system includes an incredible amount of hidden features that you can take advantage of if you use them properly.

Apple told us that on June 1st, this new software would be in the classic beta format, but only allowed to be accessed as a developer. This has ended today, since the public beta has already come out, that is, for everybody and without any requirement to obtain it, of the new High Sierra macOS. From the company of the bitten apple they ask for patience, because being still in this phase they are finishing polishing the errors, which they are looking at very closely.

Like its younger brother, iOS 11, this one will be officially released in September or October . This new operating system has arrived inside us with a new range of iMac and MacBook, as we mentioned above, which will surpass the concept of perfection, because if previously the computers of the apple were short of hardware, this will not be a problem anymore, because with their new seventh generation Intel processors they will be able to compete with the highest ranges.

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