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High Flyer Death Defyer HD, Future Free Fall on iPad and iPad2

Under this tongue-twister-like name is the latest addition to the arcade genre for the iPad and iPad2. High Flyer Death Defyer HD introduces us to Arreon , a searcher who ploughs the sky with his propeller in search of new adventures.

High Flyer Death Defyer HD

The visual aspect is the first thing that catches our attention. The graphics rendered with the cell-shading technique remind us of the aesthetics of cartoons . Thanks to it, the game achieves a carefree look that fits perfectly with the simple mechanics of the game, as well as maintaining a framerate that is great on our iPad, a very important aspect in this type of arcade.

High Flyer Death Defyer HD, Future Free Fall on iPad and iPad2
High Flyer Death Defyer HD, Future Free Fall on iPad and iPad2

The game presents a mechanic of exploration and collection of treasures through islands and structures located in the open sky. We belong to the Death Defyers , a group of explorers who survive as bounty hunters in a post-apocalyptic future . We started without knowing very well what is our role in this story, but as we advance in the game, we will discover the plot through more than 100 scenes told with comic strips.

The game High Flyer Death Defyer HD offers two options to control our intrepid searcher: using the accelerometer (although it doesn’t usually offer the accuracy and speed of response needed in some flight pirouettes) and the virtual joystick, which is a friendlier option but not as intuitive as we would like . It’s a pity that the developers didn’t pay more attention to the iPad’s tilt control, although it will presumably be an issue in future updates.

One of the details to be appreciated is that the story mode presents a continuous game, without loading screens between phases . In each level you must jump from island to island, and when you manage to land, the game is saved and you can immediately continue with the next jump. This provides fluidity and immediate action for players looking to spend some fun time testing their agility by driving Arreon.

Video of the game:

High Flyer Death Defyer HD has all the makings of a very successful game, mainly because of its graphics and gameplay style. The most impatient players will find it hard to take control, but once you acquire skill, it is quite addictive to explore the skies in search of new islands and treasures .

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