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Hiding System Preferences Icons in Mac OS X

There are certain features of OS X that have been around for a long time but go completely unnoticed. Today we want to tell you about one of them and that is the possibility to customize the System Preferences window by hiding the icons that we don’t use regularly.

Thanks to this little “trick” we can hide the icons we don’t usually access and in this way turn the System Preferences into something much more agile and fast to use.

Hiding System Preferences Icons in Mac OS X
Hiding System Preferences Icons in Mac OS X

The steps for hiding icons in the System Preferences window in Mac OS X are really simple:

1.- Click on the apple icon at the top left and select the option System Preferences .

2.- In the menu bar of system preferences click on DisplayCustomize .

3.- We will see how next to each icon in the System Preferences window there is a box that we can check or uncheck. Uncheck the ones you don’t want to appear when you open the System Preferences .

4.- Once we have deselected the ones we don’t want to be shown, click on the button Accept that appears at the top of the window.

That’s it, with these simple steps the window will stop showing the icons we don’t want to have visible and the System Preferences will become a much simpler and more accessible window.

Of course, this is completely reversible and if at any time we want to show any of the icons we hide we will only have to repeat the steps and re-mark it to be shown again.

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