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Hiding Home Screen Pages in iOS 14

La nueva función de iOS 14 que pone furiosos a Google y Facebook

En caso de querer volver a mostrar las páginas de inicio que hemos ocultado, repite los pasos anteriores y marca las páginas que están ocultas . Volverán a aparecer en tu pantalla de inicio como si nunca se hubieran ido de allí.

Hiding Home Screen Pages in iOS 14Hiding Home Screen Pages in iOS 14

Se trata de una función muy interesante que nos permite ocultar muchos iconos de golpe . No hay duda de que esta función se debe a la nueva Biblioteca de aplicaciones en la que están presentes todas las apps. Por ese motivo ya no es necesario tener todas las aplicaciones y juegos en la pantalla de inicio, podemos tener solo lo que más nos interese. Esto también se puede hacer aplicación por aplicación, podemos eliminar su icono para que solo aparezca en la Biblioteca de aplicaciones , incluso podemos configurar en los ajustes que las nuevas descargas vayan directas a esta nueva sección de iOS 14.

iOS 14 includes many interesting new features, and there are several that focus on the home screen. This screen has remained almost unchanged since the release of the original iPhone, it was simply a place where all our apps were. But in iOS 14 the home screen changes completely, thanks to the Application Library we can remove apps from the home screen , and with the widgets we have new interaction possibilities. But that’s not all, Apple has included a new way to hide pages from the home screen, something that was unthinkable until now.

It seems clear that Apple no longer wants us to have a home screen that is an endless list of application icons and is working on new ways of customization. The iPhone’s home screen is made up of several pages that we slide through, and in iOS 14 we can hide any of them , and use it again if necessary.

If you’re one of those who has multiple app sites on your iPhone, you might be interested in this new feature of iOS 14. Each page can be hidden individually either temporarily or permanently , so we can create a page with all the apps we don’t use that much and hide it. This also gives us quicker access to the app library.

For whatever reason, if you want a cleaner Home screen, here’s how you can hide entire pages of apps and folders on iPhone with iOS 14:

  • We enter the home screen editing mode, to do this we press and hold the screen anywhere that is not an app icon.
  • Click on the dots on the pages of the home screen, just above the dock.
  • A new iOS 14 screen appears with all the icon pages we have.
  • Under each one we have a circle that we can mark or unmark.
  • Pages that are not marked will be hidden on the home screen, i.e. they will not appear.
  • To finish, just press OK at the top right.

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