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Hider 2 protects and hides your important files on the Mac

If you have a Mac computer and are not the only person using it, you may want to keep some important files or folders safe. Work stuff, important documents… With Hider 2 you can hide all kinds of files and folders on your Mac or password protect it very easily and quickly.

This way, your important documents or those you don’t want other people to see when they use your computer will be protected and out of reach of other people’s eyes. Hider 2 lets you hide, encrypt, and password-protect your Mac data in minutes.

Hider 2 protects and hides all your important files and folders

Hider 2 protects and hides your important files on the Mac
Hider 2 protects and hides your important files on the Mac

Hider 2 is an application available for Mac that allows you to password protect or hide any type of file (text documents, images, videos…) or complete folders. It’s a kind of safe where everything will be protected and ultra-secure.

It should be noted that Hider 2 uses a AES-256 encryption system to ensure that all your data is secure. Each and every file that is hidden with this application is encrypted using the mentioned type of encryption, one of the most secure that exist nowadays, so you have nothing to fear.

On the other hand, the Hider 2 application keeps all your data locked up and protected by a password . This means no one can enter the application and view the data without knowing our password, so you’ll have to keep it safe and not leave it with anyone.

One of the advantages of Hider 2 is that also allows you to hide and encrypt data you have stored on a hard disk or external drive . As you can see, you don’t need to have the files on your Mac itself to keep them safe.

Also, just because your files are hidden doesn’t mean they’re hard to access, far from it. Hider 2 has a number of additional features that keep your files within reach at all times .

Download Hider 2 to your Mac and start enjoying its benefits

If you have noticed the Hider 2 for Mac application you should know that you have a demo version that you can try for free by downloading it from the official website. You also have several licensing options depending on the number of computers you want to use Hider 2 on, which you can check out on the purchase page.

To use Hider 2 only you need a Mac computer with OS X 10.8 or higher , as well as 15 MB of hard disk space.

How about Hider 2 to protect your files and folders? Without a doubt a software to keep your sensitive data safe from any “prying” eyes.

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