Hider 2, encrypt and protect your most sensitive contents

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Encrypting all our content is not only possible, but we also have numerous solutions, regardless of the operating system. Our colleagues at Genbeta have published an article discussing TrueCrypt, the Disk Utility itself, and even FileVault as encryption solutions in OS X. Fully valid options but not the only ones. Recently Macpaw released Hider 2 .

Hider 2 is a utility that stores information securely, using AES-256 encryption . So we can keep documents, notes, folders and other data safe from unauthorized looks. All this with an interface that you like in OS X: simple, elegant and easy to use.

Hider 2, encrypt and protect your most sensitive contents
Hider 2, encrypt and protect your most sensitive contents

But if it were only to store them safely it would not compensate us for the 8.99 euro cost of the application. Then, the tricks of Hider 2 to convince the user to opt for its solution are its capacity of organization and access that it allows. That is to say, not only will we be able to group all the documents by type in a secure way but also access them more quickly and easily than with the other alternatives, Hider’s operation is very simple, the application will not create a special file or location for those files that we are going to protect, no, each folder or file will remain in its original location and Hider 2 will only take care of hiding and encrypting them . Being from the application the only place from which we will be able to visualize all the added files, as much to consult them as to work with them.

It’s that easy and simple. But there’s more, Hider 2 integrates with the Finder to make it easy to access files as well as allowing you to add files or groups of files and folders with just drag and drop, use OS X tags and use external storage drives.

Exactly, this last feature is very interesting and practical. Whether it is a pendrive or a hard disk, Hider 2 will hide the files that interest us.

In short, if you are looking for an application for such uses, it is true that with Disk Utility we can solve the problem but it will not be as comfortable as Hider 2 if we need to access it continuously. And FileVault is a safe option but the performance of the computer decreases as the reading and writing operations of data are slowed down.

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