Hidden features in the iPhone 2.2 firmware TV out

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The arrival of a new firmware for the iPhone not only provides the documented functionality from Apple, but also some of the future implementations may be available ( but not completely ) in this update.

Nobody would have noticed this if it wasn’t for the latest version of the development kit ( which officially supports the 2.2 firmware ) which already has some of the tools to control the new features, concerning the TV output of the device .

Hidden features in the iPhone 2.2 firmware TV out
Hidden features in the iPhone 2.2 firmware TV out

It seems that in future firmware updates we will be able to check how we will use our iPhones together with our TV in a completely different way than we did now. For a start we have access to the camera’s API so we’ll see the lens capture on screen. At the moment this is of no use, pending the imagination of the developers ( video by Erica Sandun, from Ars Technica ):

Another important new feature is the incorporation of a method of positioning the iPhone that the system can display on the screen: that is, we move the iPhone and the direction in which it is located will appear on the TV. Of course, this new functionality is far from being properly implemented, possibly not even finished in 2.2 firmware, but it is a promising step towards a new type of application that could combine the iPhone and the TV.

And it doesn’t end there, but also seems to be implementing a system of extended desktops , a control converting the touch screen into trackpad to handle what comes out on the screen and the typical ” mirror output ” that replicates what you see on the iPhone on TV.

What you can see in the videos has been achieved thanks to Erica Sandun and Greg Hartstein using the tools of the last SDK until they got these examples of each new functionality, but they are not the ones that Apple could include soon ( and there could be more hidden things ).


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