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hi-fi with retro style

There are many and varied hi-fi options available for listening to music from our iDevices. From compact and portable devices that we can take everywhere, to larger devices that offer outstanding sound quality. Such is the case of McIntosh McAire, a complete retro-style base that, in addition to high quality sound, offers many connectivity options between all our electronic devices. All the details, below.

Today we bring you a very interesting proposal developed entirely by McIntosh Labs and aimed at users seeking high fidelity and connectivity in a base of speakers: the McIntosh McAire . The integrated audio system that we present today is characterized by its compact design, outstanding sound quality and connectivity more than correct for the device in question.

hi-fi with retro style
hi-fi with retro style

The high fidelity offered by McAire is complemented by a AirPlay system that allows you to listen to music via a wireless connection from the iTunes library of your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch . If you have a Pod classic or iPod nano you can also listen to the music stored on these devices via a USB cable. In addition, the dock includes a stereo analog RCA line in and a network cable in. Almost nothing, come on.

In terms of power and audio features, the McIntosh McAire has a three-way stereo speaker system . The bass or woofers are from 4″, the midrange from 2″ and the tweeters from 34″. Surprisingly, we don’t have confirmed data on the power in Watts that the device takes out, something quite strange and that to me personally doesn’t fit completely, although we will have to trust McIntosh Labs. What we do know is that it offers a sound with a frequency response from 60Hz to 45kHz and a range of 250 to 4,500Hz , figures well above those that Airplay is able to transmit.

The inclusion of a remote control with the possibility of controlling the content of the device from which we are playing music is a great asset by the manufacturer, along with the possibility of removing the front panels of the speakers according to our aesthetic preferences. Also worth noting are the labels Made for iPod and Made for iPhone , which is a sign of quality, as it comes certified by Apple itself and meets all its standards.

As a curiosity, the device weighs 14 kilos, which gives an approximate idea of the extreme quality of its speakers . As usual in McIntosh, the price of the McAire is not within the reach of all pockets, since the 3,000 dollars it costs makes you think of other cheaper options, although perhaps not as good as this one. In their favour are the tremendous respect that audiophiles have for the brand, elitism and a retro look that leaves no one indifferent.

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