Hey Siri, I’m your father

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Hey Siri, I’m your father
Hey Siri, I’m your father


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Temas de interés Invoke the assistant by voice of the apple and say “I am your father” (or if you have an iPhone 6s, simply “Hey Siri, I am your father” even with the phone blocked) and you will see answers like these based on the famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back :

In addition to these five answers, there seems to be a sixth, at least in English, which says something like…

In any case, I must confess that beyond curiosity, Siri’s flat voice, lacking any nuance in intonation, steals quite a bit of humor from the joke. I’ll write it down in the pending tasks for iOS 10 while you take the opportunity to remember the unique and inimitable original sequence:

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