“Hey Siri, I’m running out of battery”

I admit I’m an absolute fan of Siri. At any time and under any circumstance, being able to voice a command, a task or simply know the result of our football team is a plus that triggers the iPhone’s usage options, and even more so with the arrival of the Apple Watch: now you just have to turn your wrist and activate it. The “Oye Siri” is only an inch away, and the good thing about it is that can help us spend less battery .

What relationship can Siri have with the battery? You must be wondering. The truth is that directly, none, but indirectly there is a command loop that you might know about, but that can have a big impact on your iPhone’s battery . The basic principle is to command Siri, by voice, to activate the ‘Low Power’ mode on the device.

“Siri, activate low power mode”

“Hey Siri, I’m running out of battery”
“Hey Siri, I’m running out of battery”

The programmer Josh Adams has raised the hare in an entry published in Medium: ” How you can make your battery last 38% longer thanks to Siri “, and he resorts to the simple trick of urging the voice assistant to activate the mentioned mode for us.

The idea shines because of its simplicity , and the best thing about it is that you just have to tell Siri the command “low power” and our faithful assistant will do it without wasting a minute. Because it puts a system at our fingertips that we would otherwise have to scroll through menus to activate. No need to go to Battery Settings and activate the mentioned mode: a voice command does it instantly.

Up to 2 additional hours per day

The truth is that this advice raises the following question: why wait until the iPhone runs out of battery to enjoy this feature? . As you know, iOS 9 incorporated it with the premise of activating it automatically when the terminal’s battery reaches 20%, however, by activating this function manually we will benefit from an extra juice that can be decisive at the end of the day.

How much exactly? Adams claims that he can achieve up to 2 additional hours since he has implemented this form of activation. Appleinsider also suggested at one time that he could enjoy this mode deliberately without sacrificing too much in actual use of the device.

Systems in dormancy… and we won’t even notice it

However, logically, activating this mode also pays your tolls . What exactly happens in the guts of our device? Apple points out that by activating the low consumption, the system will put several functions in the background to sleep, such as automatically checking new emails, reducing screen brightness, eliminating animations and reducing the performance of the processor by how much? It transforms our iPhone 6 into a 5s, and thank you.

Todo sobre Siri

The question is whether, in actual day-to-day use of the device, these reductions will have a real impact on the way we use the iPhone. And the truth is that, beyond the issue of checking new emails in the background, you will rarely notice the difference in a normal use of the device. In short, it is a system well implemented by Apple that we will have more at hand thanks to Siri. And if you want to leave this mode permanently, Howtogeek tells us how to disable all the services that iOS does automatically.

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