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Hermès style for the Apple Watch Series 3: Meet the new bands

Good things can come in two directions, and Apple, with its ongoing partnerships in designing versions of the Apple Watch, knows this. For two years now, the French company Hermès has been collaborating with the company of the bitten apple to design the straps of their smart watches and this time it has done it again, in a rather irreverent way.

A few days ago, both companies revealed the reason for their next version of bands for the Apple Watch Series 3, which this time is characterized by the design in the style of the eighties, with a pair of studs included.

Hermès style for the Apple Watch Series 3: Meet the new bands
Hermès style for the Apple Watch Series 3: Meet the new bands

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The elegant straps are available in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes, and were made by craftsmen of the French firm, who used an exclusive Swift leather, decorated with pyramid-shaped studs that protrude from it.

Curiously, and before letting us guess, Hermès explained that the design of these leashes has taken inspiration from dog leashes, as these were the first product created by the firm and later adapted as a belt in 1930.

These new bands will be available for the Apple Watch 3 which was presented in September in Apple’s keynote, after two years without an update and which had as its most outstanding feature its version with LTE connectivity.

The new Hermès strap for the Apple Watch Series 3 will be available starting November 14 at Apple stores,, Hermès Boutiques and Along with these straps, Apple plans to launch the Apple Watch Series 3 Hermès with a new exclusive Hermès dial inspired by the Carrick fountain.

All this luxury produced in this association will be available for a price of $589 in the 38 mm presentation , while the 42 mm Single Tour Médor band will be priced at $439.

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