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Here’s what’s new in the iOS coloring and stress relief app

A few months ago we told you about Lake, an entertaining iOS application that lets you have a good time amidst the pressure of everyday work. Well, the app now has a fresh design and brings some additional features to enhance the user experience.

I’ve been able to test the latest version of Lake over the past few weeks, and I noticed that it’s now possible to have more concentration when coloring, thanks to its new design that allows for a higher level of concentration on the drawings.

Here’s what’s new in the iOS coloring and stress relief appHere’s what’s new in the iOS coloring and stress relief app

Also, with this new version it is possible to have a better visibility of the different color palettes, where you can find hundreds of tones to harmonize each of our creations . This platform offers different free illustrations, and some that can be downloaded for a fee, but that are really worth it, especially for the creative complexity they represent.

However, the free mode predominates in the app, so those who do not want to pay to use it, can find several options of drawings, and can access a different one every day, without any cost .

According to Katarina Lotri?, co-founder of Lake, although the app has several visible changes, Lake’s goal remains the same . “We continue our mission to actively support illustrators by providing users with a tool to release their daily stress through creativity” , stated Lotri?.

Among Lake’s main new features are access to over 60 colouring books from independent illustrators around the world; new artists and new colouring books; a 5-piece toolkit: acrylic brush, watercolour brush, spray, filler and eraser; a touch to fill option, the ability to have a blank canvas to start from scratch, and easier access to all the work in progress in the app.

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It is important to note that Lake’s coloring pages are created by independent artists who are passionate about what they do and who are dedicated to their creations from the heart. The app is available in German, Italian, Spanish, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and those interested in obtaining unlimited drawings can pay a subscription of 7.99 euros.