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Here’s what you can do with unwanted comments on your Instagram

Many times we have heard and even accepted that if we are on social networks we must be prepared to receive everything we are told, but surely that is the price we must pay? According to the CEO of the famous social network Instagram, Kevin Systrom, not only should we not accept them, but now we have tools to moderate this type of behavior and keep this type of user away from our profile.

As announced on the company’s blog, two tools have been released through which public profiles can select which user groups can comment on their posts and have the power to block users whose comments are not well received.

Say goodbye to trolls and bots

Here’s what you can do with unwanted comments on your Instagram
Here’s what you can do with unwanted comments on your Instagram

In the publication signed by Suystrim, it explains the operation of both tools that are already available on Instagram. Thus, if we have a public account, we can choose who can comment on our publications, whether these people follow us or not. We can also block accounts that we are not interested in having commenting on our posts.

Also, it was known that Instagram is working to bring these tools that began to be tested in English, to users of other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, French, German and Portuguese and gradually make more users enjoy this improvement that seeks a better experience on this social network.

Instagram keeps growing

During this week, at an event held in New York, Instagram also had the opportunity to celebrate its 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily users. Both figures have increased significantly since the launch of the famous Stories, taken from Snapchat, but this segment of users found a new home.

These numbers have benefited Instagram on all fronts. According to the company owned by Facebook, the number of advertisers in the network is already 2 million.

Instagram grows like foam and we can’t get enough of it… Are you a user of this social network, what do you think of these new features? Share in comments

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