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Here’s what you can do in iOS 11 with your iPhone’s camera and QR codes

In the current betas we have for developers and in the iOS 11 public betas, we have found two new features the sea of interesting, one of them related to Wi-Fi networks and QR codes.

The camera, new instrument in iOS 11 for Wi-Fi

The immediate reading of QR codes via the camera on our iPhone or iPad is now possible , while the other feature is a new way of accessing the Wi-Fi network using those same QR codes that we read with our camera, making it easier for friends and acquaintances to connect to our Wi-Fi network.

Here’s what you can do in iOS 11 with your iPhone’s camera and QR codes
Here’s what you can do in iOS 11 with your iPhone’s camera and QR codes

Scan a QR code from the iPhone’s camera for Wi-Fi

You can see that the company of the apple wants to make life easier and easier for us and for our immediate environment. From now on, we will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network just by scanning the QR code of the router that we will have to paste in our router if it does not have it as standard .

When we do this with the camera application, a notification will appear telling us that it has detected a Wi-Fi network and that by clicking on it we will be able to connect automatically without the need for other data such as keys.

Not all routers have a QR code or if we have changed the password to something other than the default, this will not help us. However, you could reset the device so that everything goes back to normal.

The same happens if we modify other data such as the network SSID.

Generate your own QR code and paste it into your router

QR Code

If your router does not come with a QR code or you have changed the password of your router and you are interested in this new feature of iOS 11, do not worry, here we show you the steps to follow to generate your own QR:

  1. Login to the QiFi website
  2. Copy the SSID (name of your router) that appears on the back sticker of your router and paste it into the SSID field on the web
  3. Indicate the type of security encryption your network has
  4. Enter the password in the Key field
  5. Press Generary to save the generated code for printing and pasting into your device

Other new features included in iOS 11 are:

  • Now you can select your favorite main image in Live Photos.
  • They give us the option of viewing the memories horizontally.
  • Some application icons have been changed and redesigned.
  • The maps will show the speed limits of the different roads and a new “do not disturb” mode while driving. Plus, while you’re behind the wheel, your phone will respond with an automatic message if someone sends you something.

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