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Here’s what Apple couldn’t get into the Apple Watch

We have been talking for months now about the new functions that could be incorporated into the Apple Watch, as well as for quite some time talking and gathering different information that tells us about the forecasts regarding the resounding success that the Apple intelligent watch will have or the belief of Cook himself, among others, that this device will undoubtedly manage to change the lives of users.

All these statements have created in many, a halo of illusion with respect to the new product of the boys of Cupertino , although it seems that not everything would be as pink as they paint it, since according to The Wall Street Journal, many of the functions that Apple would have wanted to introduce in the Apple Watch, will not be finally introduced for several reasons , which in turn would mean that the smart watch would not be that incredible product that would sweep away the competition in terms of functions and ability to transform users’ habits .

Here’s what Apple couldn’t get into the Apple Watch
Here’s what Apple couldn’t get into the Apple Watch

The fact that some of the functions that Apple had thought suitable for the Apple Watch could not be introduced in the end is mainly due to two reasons . The first is that functions such as stress or blood pressure measurement may be very difficult to perform with minimal reliability , as well as depending on factors such as the amount of hair on the user’s wrist or how tightly the strap is fastened to the wrist. The second reason is that the manufacturers would not have been able to meet Apple’s expectations regarding the sensors that would be responsible for collecting some health-related data.

Another reason for the lack of some features that were thought to be included in the Apple Watch might have been that at this time, and taking into account competing devices, it would not be appropriate to introduce a very wide range of features , leaving some of them for a later generation of the product .

Be that as it may, with the aim of remedying the lack of some expected functions in the Apple Watch, especially those concerning health, a considerable effort would have been made by Apple as well, to offer more possibilities in terms of communication e.g. messaging, applications, etc; some that will ultimately benefit the users and are quite welcome .

In conclusion, it must be said that we will have to wait until April to attend the launch of the Apple clock and be able to analyse first-hand all its potential. Finally, The Wall Street Journal also reported on the number of devices that Apple is preparing for the launch of the Apple Watch, which will be around 5 or 6 million units , making it, if forecasts are correct, the best-selling smart watch in history.

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