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Here’s how you can find free Wi-Fi with Facebook

Cómo ahorrar datos en el extranjero

Además, podremos pulsar sobre estas conexiones en el mapa para obtener información sobre estas , de esta forma podremos saber exactamente en qué comercio se encuentra ese Wi-Fi. Gracias a esta herramienta, quedarnos sin megas cuando estemos fuera de casa será mucho menos doloroso .

Here’s how you can find free Wi-Fi with Facebook
Here’s how you can find free Wi-Fi with Facebook

The** Wi-Fi**, our eternal saviour in difficult times (no data on the mobile). Everyone loves being able to use a Wi-Fi network instead of spending the megabytes of your tariff . Not least because of the freedom this gives us when browsing content.

In any bar, every hour you can find several people asking for the Wi-Fi key , looking for a free network to consult any data with the mobile. These people however do not know a detail of Facebook that can change their lives forever .

Not long ago, the social network Facebook showed us its latest innovation, consisting of a map of Wi-Fi networks within the application . This tool was only available in the United States, but it’s been a while since started to reach the whole world for iPhone and Android .

We are talking about a feature that can allow us to find free Wi-Fi quickly so we can contact our family and friends without spending a single megabyte of mobile data. This feature is great if we are travelling to a country where we still have to pay for data roaming .

For this to work, we just need to open the Facebook application on our iPhone , remember it must be updated to the latest version. Once opened, we activate the location to be able to see nearby connections . Then we go to the Facebook settings, click on ” Search Wi-Fi ” and hit ” Enable Wi-Fi “, this way we’ll start seeing a map showing all the places with a free internet connection.

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