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Here’s how to reset the NVRAM on your Mac

Last week we focused on the System Management Controller, which manages various functions of our equipment at a low level, including battery management or the temperature of our equipment . An anomalous behaviour of our equipment can be solved by restoring the SMC, but there are a small number of aspects whose functioning does not depend on it .

Here a special memory comes into play that takes care of storing some system settings even if it is deactivated. On current computers, this memory is called NVRAM and on older PowerPC-equipped Macs it was called PRAM . This memory stores information about functions such as speaker volume , screen resolution , boot disk selection or information about kernel panic .

Here’s how to reset the NVRAM on your Mac
Here’s how to reset the NVRAM on your Mac


Noticeable anomalies in these previously numbered points may be directly related to the NVRAM memory so your reboot could solve them . To proceed with the reset of the NVRAM memory we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We’ll turn off our equipment completely.
  • After this, we will turn on our Mac and hold down the following key combination: Cmd+Option+P+R before the gray startup screen appears.
  • By holding down this combination, the computer will restart and we will hear two beeps. Once this has happened, we will release the keys.

The way to restore our NVRAM memory is simple and can save us from equipment malfunctions . From the Apple support forum we can see that, if the problems persist, we may need to replace the battery on the motherboard , which is key to the possibility of storing NVRAM memory with the computer switched off.

As we said with the SMC reset, if after these guidelines, your computer still doesn’t perform the way it usually does , we’ll have to resort to other solutions and if the solution already escapes our knowledge or skills we can always make an appointment at any Apple Store or call Apple Technical Support to have an expert advise us on the different possible solutions.

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