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Here’s a speed comparison between the different Apple Watch

With the arrival of the new Apple Watch Series 4 , many of the users (including us) come to a point of whether it is really time to update our smart clock or perhaps wait for a new generation.

One of the most frequently asked questions about this is the speed of the device. Whether it really shows up in actual use or not. We all remember the original Apple Watch, where it was really slow from the beginning, is not comparable with the current models.

Here’s a speed comparison between the different Apple WatchHere’s a speed comparison between the different Apple Watch

But Apple has been improving the performance of the Apple Watch more and more, to the point where we hardly notice any noticeable difference between the last generations. Even so, if there are any doubts about it, since 9to5Mac they have made a comparative video about the different intelligent watches of the Californians to get rid of doubts.

As we have seen, obviously the Series 4 outperforms the rest of its siblings, but the Series 3 is not far behind. We have had the opportunity to spend a week with both watches and the real differences were not very noticeable.

Now we must put the balance, since the Series 3 LTE is available in our country at a really attractive price or go directly to the latest generation where the disbursement is somewhat higher.

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One of the most notable differences of the new intelligent watch of the Californians, we find it at first sight, concretely in the screen of the same one. The new versions include a screen of 40 and 44 mm . The latter is a powerful eye-catcher on the wrist.

As far as battery performance time is concerned, the autonomy of the Series 3 has managed to reach almost 3 days , while in the Apple Watch Series 4 (WiFi) a couple of days. Without doing sport and with normal use (calls, camera activation, notifications…)

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What did you think of this speed tee between the different Apple Watch?