Here is the youngest and oldest assistant at WWDC 2017

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The WWDC audience over the years reflects how the interest in application development evolves . A decade ago the vast majority of the event’s attendees were middle-aged men, and now Tim Cook always likes to point out those who represent a new generation of programmers.

Here is the youngest and oldest assistant at WWDC 2017
Here is the youngest and oldest assistant at WWDC 2017

And this year it’s worth pointing out the two extremes: the youngest assistant is 10 and the oldest is 82 . It has the Fortune details, starting with the youngest Yuma Soerianto who comes from the Australian city of Melbourne. Quite a journey for someone of her age.

Ten years old and four years writing code

Yuma (pictured with Tim Cook), who is also featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, was one of the lucky ones in to win one of the scholarships Apple was raffling off to attend WWDC. He has developed a game for iPhone called Let’s Stack, although more surprisingly, at the age of six he was already creating his own web pages.

Yuma has also created other applications such as an encyclopedia to catalogue Pokémon, a calculator and a weather app where a duck tells you how to dress. At 10 years old, he has a whole résumé. The cherry on top is that the little girl has had fun while traveling by creating another app to calculate the taxes on any item that is sold.

Masako Wakamiya, defending the elderly in the world of applications

And from 10 to 82. Masako Wakamiya has had to endure a 20-hour journey from Japan to San Jose. Her story is as simple as it is fantastic: she was fed up with seeing how all the mobile applications were focused on young audiences and she set to work with an application that told the tradition of Hinamatsuri (which celebrates the health and well-being of Japanese women).

The program narrates and describes how this tradition is celebrated, at a leisurely pace so that any elderly person can follow the reading . Masako has also been one of those selected by Apple to attend WWDC 2017 for free thanks to one of the scholarships raffled off.

It’s not new that more and more people are embracing code creation. We’re going to need more and more developers. But the fact that the age range of the audience at a developer’s event is already 72 years is already one of the best news of this WWDC.

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