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Here are the most absurd applications for your iPhone

We love to be able to show off the friendships of those applications that we have, to be able to compare them or to recommend one that we think is indispensable. However, the App Store also has its dark side with a good bunch of totally useless and useless geeks. Not that we should overlook them , and that’s why we brought them here.

Tap and Fart

Something as simple as human, press the screen of the phone and release a virtual wind . There are light or very loud ones. Their usefulness is clear, to make some kind of joke. If I design, it is also very old-fashioned.


Here are the most absurd applications for your iPhone
Here are the most absurd applications for your iPhone

You take a photo in a selfie style where your face looks good and the application adds a few extra kilos . If we didn’t have enough with a society with worrying obesity rates, on top of this.

Pimple Popper

Translated, it’s something like “pimple popper.” Come on, you’re removing pimples and blackheads from your iPhone. Incomprehensible unless you’re practicing as a beautician.

Ghost Radar

An absurd application, it locates paranormal activity around you by measuring magnetic fields . Nothing more to say, your honor.

Hold On!

This line of surrealism, consists of placing your finger on the screen to see how long you are able to keep it there. As you can see, very entertaining.

Taxi Hold’em

It serves to warn a taxi visually with a bright yellow sign . With it the taxi driver will surely see you, I’m telling you. Wouldn’t it be easier to warn with your hand or, failing that, with the flash in flashlight mode? If you have an iPhone SE or an iPhone 4S, you can be sure that he will not see you.

So far this is a compilation of absurd applications, this article will give a second part because we have left a lot of them in the inkwell . If you don’t want to miss them, don’t hesitate to follow us.

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