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Here are Apple’s rules and advice

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As you may know, since the arrival of iOS 10.3 Apple allows developers to answer user reviews s in their apps inside the App Store. Similarly, users can leave a review much more easily directly from the app itself.

In order to maintain a consistent image of the App Store , developers must follow a set of rules when publishing a response to users. In addition, Apple provides tips to ensure that there are no user-developer issues.

Here are Apple’s rules and advice
Here are Apple’s rules and advice

By offering positive feedback and helpful comments, the user is more likely to have a positive experience with the app, and therefore increase the engagement and score of the app.

  • TIP: Ideal responses should be clear and concise, without using complex terms that users do not understand.
  • TIP: If several people in the company respond to users, one and the same tone should be used for all responses.
  • NORM: No insults, advertising to other apps or sites and posting of personal information.
  • TIP: If several users have the same question, it is advisable to start with a personalised introduction and then follow with a generalised answer.
  • TIP: When the user indicates that the answer is useful and has solved their problem, this is when it is recommended that the developer ask for a re-qualification of the app, not before.
  • TIP: The sooner you answer a user’s question or review, the better.
  • TIP: If the developer is not able to answer all the reviews, it is advisable to answer the ones with lower scores or technical problems first.
  • STANDARD: Developers may not use the answers to promote other applications or offer promotional codes for applications, services or in-app purchases.
  • NORM: It is not allowed to offer any kind of incentive for the user to change his app score.

So, in general what you should keep in mind is that whenever a developer answers a question they will try to do so in the best possible way and with the intention of solving your problem. However, if you seek to manipulate the developer and blackmail him into offering you something in return for your opinion, you will not succeed.

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