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Help Busuu Build a Classroom in a School in Cameroon

Busuu wants to build a classroom in a school in Cameroon and needs our help

On more than one occasion we have talked about how the iPad and new technologies are a great help for classrooms in many parts of the world, but while we look at this we forget that there are children who cannot have an iPad to help them in their studies, but cannot even access a school .

Poverty is a very present evil all over the world and in some countries the “normal” thing is not that a child goes to school, but quite the opposite. We as individuals cannot do much to change this, but if we unite and try to do our bit, we can achieve great things.

Help Busuu Build a Classroom in a School in Cameroon
Help Busuu Build a Classroom in a School in Cameroon

Bussu is a startup focused on language teaching that, on the occasion of Christmas, has presented a solidarity campaign with a very clear objective: to help build a new classroom in a school in Cameroon.

The more we use the busuu apps or their website, the more money they can donate

The greater the participation of bussu users, the greater the contribution that the company will make in the form of school materials: textbooks, furniture, stationery, etc, etc.

To support this noble cause we will simply have to participate in the web courses or the bussu apps . Registering and starting to participate is completely free, so we have no excuse.

The busuu user community generates about 1.8 million busuu-berries every day by completing learning units. The more busuu-berries you get among all the registered users, the more the company will contribute to build the classroom . The contributions to which busuu commits itself are the following:

  • 20 million busuu-berries will help busuu provide school supplies such as pencils and books.
  • 30 million busuu-berries, will help provide textbooks and exercise books.
  • 40 million busuu-berries will allow busuu to donate furniture for the school.
  • 50 million busuu-berries will allow busuu to donate enough money to build a school.

At the time of writing, the counter that busuu has activated on its website already exceeds 47 and a half million busu-berries , so the goal of 50 million is really close and seems achievable. With our help they will be able to get the remaining amount until the deadline, tomorrow December 20th.

Don’t you think it’s a good time to start learning a language and, in the process, support a beautiful cause? Everyone should have the right to access an education and you can help make it happen.

Here we leave you with some of the apps for learning languages of busuu. These are just a few, in their download section you can find many more and, of course, it is also possible to learn languages directly from their own website.

Some of the busuu apps you can collaborate with

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