HealthKit advances in U.S. hospitals

HealthKit, Apple’s developer tool for health and medical history data collection, is also making good progress. At 9to5Mac we were told today that more than half of the 23 large hospitals in the United States are testing programs based on Apple’s software or plan to do so in the near future.

The idea is to enable doctors to monitor their patients with chronic illnesses and diseases more effectively so that they can warn them at the slightest sign of danger, thus making preventive actions more important. This will surely be easier when the Apple Watch is introduced.

HealthKit advances in U.S. hospitals
HealthKit advances in U.S. hospitals

Apple has formed a group of experts from prestigious centers (Harvard Medical School or Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, for example) to act as a link between the company and its partners in the hospital field, as well as to help introduce this new technology in an increasing number of institutions.

John Halamka, one of these experts, perfectly defined the idea behind HealthKit: hospitals cannot afford to invest in this type of technology, nor in the hardware that it requires; and the tools that Apple offers can help developers add health-related functions to their devices without hospitals having to do anything.

Some of the hospitals are focusing on developing solutions for doctors to find key information related to the health of their patients and extract it from their devices; others are more interested in building some kind of standardized platform that allows them to synchronize Apple’s HealthKit data with that offered by similar products from Google, Samsung and other companies.

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