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Healthbook, a $3,000 Billion Market Apple Could Enter

Healthbook can make Apple a lot of money

I am not going to repeat the introduction of my news about the possible appearance of the healthbook application for iOS in the next version that should be seen in a few months, but I could do it perfectly. Gone are the years of getting fatter and healthier , eating what we always want and not looking at our health.

To be healthy is in fashion , not only to be handsome, to have a good body, but to try. Running, cycling, walking, swimming or anything else is good for keeping fit and burning off those extra calories. And of course, in a society where everything has to be related to technology, our mobile phones and social networks, wearables are a big hit .

Healthbook, a $3,000 Billion Market Apple Could Enter
Healthbook, a $3,000 Billion Market Apple Could Enter

But watch out, not only the wearables are a very important market , but also everything that has to do with controlling our health through our devices . Scales that synchronize with the iPhone, cases to measure our heart rate, anything goes, and obviously everything pays off for companies.

29.5 million health-related products sold are expected in 2017

In fact, as one analyst states, Apple’s move into the health market may bring him benefits never expected a couple of years ago . Skip Snow, an analyst from Forrester Research says that:

3,000 billion dollars, simply amazing what can move a market where people are simply interested in knowing how it is. Furthermore, the most curious thing is that does not include such profitable areas as sports fashion, equipment or gyms .

To better position ourselves, the colleagues of iPhoneinCanada give us some figures. 10.3 million health and sports-related devices have been sold in 2013, but by 2017, sales are expected to reach 29.5 million . Is that a lot? Well, it doesn’t even include smartwatches.

All this could be better understood by observing that a market that gives currently $854 million can give in 2017 almost $30 billion of benefits . These are outrageous numbers that explain why all companies are launching themselves into this sector.

Apple, what are you waiting for?

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