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Have we really seen all the features of the iPad?

A little over a week after the launch, we can say that the spears are still in the air. Apple has done what it knows how to do very well, raise passions . There are mixed opinions for all tastes, there are those who love the device, those who like it but consider it not for them and those who hate it with all their might.

But I don’t want to go into that, if anyone is interested in my opinion, I’ll try to summarize it in one sentence :

Have we really seen all the features of the iPad?
Have we really seen all the features of the iPad?

Apple has come dangerously close to a new concept , to a new market niche that is not very clear if it exists or not. But after the keynote, at least I have some doubts about certain aspects of the iPad’s operation, and I’m afraid that Apple hasn’t presented all its cards yet.

As it happened with the iPhone, what we saw on stage this past Wednesday, were mere prototypes, not final versions of a device, and as it happened in that presentation Keynote, many questions remained in the inkwell about the way the new Apple device works. The main reason why I think this is so, is because the iPad will include elements in its OS that will become part of the iPhone OS 4.0 update. And if Apple bothered to explain them now, many of the plans for the new iPhone would be discovered.

The first doubt I had was when Phil Schiller finished his iWork presentation specifically for the iPad. Yes, we must admit that they have perfectly adapted the office suite to a multi-touch device and Steve himself said that it would be possible to connect the iPad to an external monitor to launch Keynote presentations, but, will we be able to print directly from the device itself?

Having to resort to third-party applications such as Activeprint to print an iWork document, I don’t think it would be a pleasure in Cupertino, and if the file had to be transferred to a Mac or PC to be printed, it would be a real pain. Perhaps Bonjour has a lot to do with this and thanks to it, the iPad will be able to connect to printers to capture some important document on paper.

And since we passed the issue of file transfer, How can we pass documents from the iPad to the computer and vice versa? Will iTunes take care of it, overloading it with more options than those already adopted after the introduction of the iPhone? Clues have already come up about this, Miguel Lopez talked about them in his article, but we have learned more details.

It seems that there will not be a file structure itself, but that applications that are prone to generate files will have a folder inside them, where these documents will be stored and shared when they have a document to do so, so when this application is deleted it will automatically delete all the files it contained .

The iPad can connect via WiFi to any computer and display these folders with documents as a networked drive with shared files . If you have a Mac in your house, this is minimal as both devices will communicate with each other without major problems, but with a PC it is not so easy. Will I need to install Bonjour? I guess there must be an easier way to get a Keynote presentation to the computer without having to email it.

We really won’t have applications that run in the background? It doesn’t enter my head like, if I make an important call via Skype and during the conversation I want to open an email containing data needed for that conference, we have to hang up the call to find that important data and call back via Skype .

A mere front camera would be very helpful for such a video conference, there are rumors that point to it, but all this is conjecture, so we will not have anything for sure until Apple decides to confirm it (if it is true that it really exists).

Let’s remember, as previously discussed at Apple, that Apple considers the Nexus One the first real competitor of the iPhone, and there is also the suspicion that we will soon see a preview of iPhone OS 4.0, which aims to be a real revolution. Maybe then Apple will pull out the aces it seems to have hidden up its sleeve for the iPad.