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has already asked Foxconn to consider

Nikkei En Apple Currently, all iPhones (and most of the company’s products) are manufactured and assembled in China, with Foxconn and Pegatron at the helm.

Although it may seem difficult to achieve, it seems that Foxconn is actively investigating the best way to make the iPhone in the United States , although Pegatron has apparently rejected Apple’s request because of the costs involved. These costs could increase the price of the iPhone by even twice the current price.

has already asked Foxconn to consider
has already asked Foxconn to consider

It sounds like a crazy idea, but making the iPhone in the United States is possible

Both Apple and most technology companies are often criticised for not manufacturing their products domestically (in this case the United States). In Apple’s case, it is even more aggravated in the last weeks by the promise of Donald Trump (current US president-elect) who assured that he would force Apple to manufacture its products in the United States.

Whether or not it has anything to do with politics, it stands to reason that Apple wants to move its supply chain and assembly to the United States. Local production is already being done with the Mac Pro, although is not as easy with a product that requires millions and millions of units as the iPhone. We’ll see in the next few months, will Foxconn’s robots be reason enough to take the step?