Happy birthday, Steve! We still remember the best thing about you

It’s been almost five years since you left us, but your legacy is so immense that it’s impossible not to see your mark on every single product that many customers happily enjoy. On your passing, both your friends, fans, and rivals paid a heartfelt tribute to your enormous work in the world of technology and by extension, in appreciation of your contribution to somehow change the world .

From these lines we want to celebrate especially today, what would have been your 61st birthday , to remember you in a selection of your most inspiring quotes that you left us, and how future generations will learn from them.

Stanford, June 12, 2005

Happy birthday, Steve! We still remember the best thing about you
Happy birthday, Steve! We still remember the best thing about you

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Jobs attended that year’s Stanford University graduating class to deliver what many believe was the most inspiring speech of his career, closing with a “stay hungry, stay foolish” speech. The co-founder of Apple wanted to summarize in a single sentence what his life’s journey has been and what we can enjoy today reflected in his products. Never lose the hunger to learn and the illusion, and follow your instincts , even if sometimes they go against reason.

“For the last 33 years of my life, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am going to do today,’ and if the answer was ‘no’ for several days in a row, then I knew I had to change something”

Again at Stanford, this unrepeatable figure, left his enthusiasm for life and his passion for what he did. Jobs knew well that life was outdated and so he reminded himself that every day he had to savor it to the fullest by doing what everyone loved most. A phrase that goes beyond the world of technology and business, and whose depth can serve us all in our daily lives.

Wall Street Journal, May 25, 1993

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t interest me at all. What I really care about is going to bed thinking that we have done something really wonderful”.

In this other great quote from Jobs we see clearly summarized his real life engine, which although many believed otherwise, was never money. The Californian always wanted to change the world and the way we take many things for granted, and his first big gesture in this line was precisely the famous announcement ‘1984’, with which he began to warn the world that he would not take everything for granted. Thanks to this transformative spirit, today we enjoy mobiles without a physical keyboard and touch screen or with greater perspective, computers were really personal a long time ago.

Business Week, May 25, 1998

“The simple can be more difficult than the complex: you have to work hard to have clear ideas and make things easy, but in the end it compensates because once you get it, you can move mountains” .

Todo sobre Steve Jobs

About the clarity of ideas and the claim of simplicity , something that one can see reflected in the design of any product designed by Cupertino’s people, from a MacBook to the iPhone charger. Steve Jobs gave an interview to Business Week in which he stated that simplicity and focus were his mantras, and he has fought to keep that spirit in the company until the end of his days. In fact, we can see it in the company’s own range of products: a mobile phone model with different versions, another one with iPads and a very simple range of computers.

Fortune, 24 January 2000

“We made the OS X icons with such genius that you wish you could lick them” .

Straightforward and to the point, that’s what Jobs said when he talked about the design of OS X in an interview with Fortune. What better way to express something than with an example so… example. And we’re talking precisely about graphic interfaces, since for Steve Jobs the design and the interface have always been fundamental in his products, and it’s well known that he could have a whole development team working for months on a single icon or shading. This passion for design reveals another characteristic of this genius’s personality: his passion for perfectionism .

Bloomberg, February 2005

“Quality is more important than quantity, and in the end, it is a better option in financial terms in any case” .

Whoever has held an Apple product in their hands, anyone, will know how to identify a common element in all of them: quality , and he expressed it in another interview with Bloomberg. You won’t see a weld or a gap, or second-rate materials: Steve Jobs wanted his products to always be the best a customer can buy , even if there was an extra charge for it. The Californian was also right in maintaining that betting on quality always pays off in the long run , something we still see in the company’s income statement year after year.

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