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Hallelujah! Apple releases official dock for iPhone 6

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Well, it seems that the news that Apple has decided to launch today is not limited to the new Macs we saw a while ago… Apple has just released an official dock for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . It is already available at the Spanish Apple Store online, and it sells for 45 euros.

Hallelujah! Apple releases official dock for iPhone 6
Hallelujah! Apple releases official dock for iPhone 6

This time, at Apple they have decided to cut to the chase and make the Dock a completely flat base , probably to avoid future incompatibilities for the simple reason that iPhones change shape over the course of more renovations. In fact, I don’t think there will be any problem using this Dock with any other iPhone or even a mini iPad as long as it uses the Lightning connection (although it might lose its balance).

This is what the Dock looks like with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

At the back we have, in addition to the Dock, an audio output so that the phone can be connected to speakers as soon as it is placed. What we are missing is the cable that used to be included in the Dock box, so that those 45 euros (39 dollars in the United States) give us only the base bareback .

The website ensures that there is stock, although we do not have data on whether the physical Apple stores already have it available. If it is not, it should not take long to sell it.

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