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Halide for iOS updates with new features for iPhone XS

The Halide camera app is one of the most professional apps available on the App Store today. This platform is able to take full advantage of the device it is on, so users have the opportunity to get unparalleled results. To keep up with Apple’s releases, Halide has just been updated in order to bring some significant new features to the iPhone XS .

Thus, version 1.10 of the application includes several new features, including a feature called Smart RAW exclusively for iPhone XS. In addition, Halide has also been optimised to take advantage of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Halide for iOS updates with new features for iPhone XS
Halide for iOS updates with new features for iPhone XS

Firstly, the photography application was updated by launching ‘Smart RAW’, a function with which the app enables a new automatic logic to expose and obtain the best images in RAW format of the iPhone XS, allowing to achieve a level of detail that had never been obtained with any other iPhone camera.

“In Halide 1.10, we’re releasing a new feature called Smart RAW for iPhone XS. After extensive testing of the new iPhone in recent weeks, we have developed new automatic logic to expose and get the best RAW shots of the iPhone XS” , said the app developers.

This update also makes it easier to compare the differences between JPEG images and RAW images . Similarly, as we discussed above, Halide has updated its application for the Apple Watch by optimizing it for a larger screen, thus considerably improving the experience of Apple Watch Series 4 users.

Halide is available to all iOS users for a price of 6.99 euros. The application can be downloaded via the App Store.

In AppleHalide for iOS it is updated with app for the Apple Watch, automatic timer and much more

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