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Hacking an iPhone will remain mission impossible


He’ll still be armored. For those of you who are interested (including large security software companies) in how to “hack” or unlock an iPhone without going through the password process, Touch ID or Face ID… you should know that there will be no way. Hacking the iPhone will be mission impossible.

Hacking an iPhone will remain mission impossible
Hacking an iPhone will remain mission impossible

The only people who’ve done that so far are FBI agents. Remember the controversy over the San Bernardino iPhone case? The FBI needed to unlock that device because it might contain very important incriminating evidence. But Apple flatly refused.

However, the FBI managed to unlock the iPhone, probably thanks to some security software company. Well, some organizations requested an order from the Freedom of Information Commission to reveal the tool to hack the iPhone , and its price. But the decision has resulted in a refusal. The iPhone will remain unhackable.

Federal judge Tanya Chutkan explained the reasons why revealing details about the seller (referring to the company that unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone) and the cost of the tool would cause “putting a target on his back”.

It is rumored that the FBI worked together with the Israeli mobile firm “Cellebrite” to unlock the iPhone 5c used by Syed Farook. But the details of how the terminal was unlocked are still unknown . And the information it contained, obviously, too.

Apple took a big chance by confronting the FBI and refusing to participate in the unlocking of the terminal, claiming that “they didn’t have the technology to do it. It seems that the San Bernardino iPhone case continues to create controversy…


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