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Hackers get around the iPhone’s iCloud locking and activation system


Yesterday the news came out, through a Dutch newspaper, where two hackers (one Dutch and one Moroccan) gave data about the possible violation of the stolen iPhone lock system . This violation allowed them to trick the iPhone and get it unlocked, which would allow them to resell stolen iPhones that had been remotely blocked through iCloud and Find My iPhone.

Hackers get around the iPhone’s iCloud locking and activation systemHackers get around the iPhone’s iCloud locking and activation system

Is the news serious? Yes and no… or the same thing I tell you one thing, I tell you the other. It’s not that I’m Galician, it’s just that we’re dealing with something that has been magnified by its importance (which it has, but not as much as has been said). There is talk that iCloud has been hacked, and the truth is that this is not entirely correct.

No one has actually entered any Apple servers , what has actually happened is a very old hacking trick they have managed to make work, impersonating the servers. Make the iPhone believe that it is communicating with a computer that it is not really . It thinks it is communicating with Apple’s servers when it is really a computer “in the middle” dictating what it should do.

Through a security flaw in the iTunes for Windows program, they make the locked iPhone believe that is an Apple server that is asking it to unlock itself . This would allow stolen and remotely locked iPhones to be released and sold. They could even access information on that iPhone once it is unlocked, yes.

Although the Hackers have not given any data from their system, it is known that they have been more than five months to get it. There has been talk of a violation of SSL, but one of them has already denied it and everything seems to indicate that it is through iTunes for Windows. So it’s more than likely we’ll see an update in the next few days.