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Guide to controls for playing on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Choose the one that best suits your needs

Since we started to intensify our attention on the iOS game landscape , many of you have asked us to provide you with the following guide of iOS game controllers with the main options available on the market, their features and their strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, going into the dark abyss of Asian creations would give for seven more specials, especially if that abyss is called Hong Kong and their creations are directly inspired by other aesthetically similar proposals, but I think that with this varied selection you have more than one good option to choose from depending on the price you have imposed on yourself.

Razer Junglecat

Guide to controls for playing on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Choose the one that best suits your needs
Guide to controls for playing on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Choose the one that best suits your needs

Sleeves with a drop-down button section are usually the most common on the market, and among them one of the most popular among players is Razer’s Junglecat because of its integrated speakers and, above all, the possibility of mapping controls to adapt them to the different games in our library. The good news is that its design will allow us to carry it everywhere, the bad news is that the price is quite low, 99.99 euros, and it is only compatible with iPhone 55S.

Steelseries Stratus

If we don’t mind carrying one more accessory or the idea is to leave the controller at home to play when we’re leveraged on the couch, the Steelseries Stratus is another highly recommended option. Despite its small size, it’s comfortable and ergonomic enough to keep you from getting up to your nose in a few minutes. The best thing about it is its joystick and directional pad, the best you’ll find in the market, but to get one you’ll have to drop 79.99 euros and depending on the use you’re going to give it you might be aiming too high.

Moga Rebel

Here is a mixture halfway between the previous proposals. With the Moga Rebel we can join controller and iOS device thanks to its superior adapter to be able to play without having our phone or iPad supported elsewhere, but the portability of the pad is in question to facilitate its use and ergonomics getting closer to conventional console controls. The good thing is that the upper arm is even compatible with our iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The downside is that its price is still something that many will dismiss as prohibitive, 79.95 euros.

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i

With a similar appearance and characteristics, because it is a controller that also serves as a support for our iOS device, but with a much more attractive price, the option halfway between the cheap and expensive is the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i that we can find for 39.99 euros. However, we will have to look for it in third party stores because, for now, in the official one they do not have units.

iPega PG-9023

From Honk Kong (but with the approval of Apple) we are approaching the iPega PG-9023 , a kind of batarang in which we can include both iPhone and iPad to play from the mobile in a more comfortable way than with your fingers pressed on the screen. My only doubt is if it will be really comfortable to hold the weight of an iPad with the controller in your hands, but for 29.99 euros I will not take too long to discover it.

Logitech Powershell

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Its main assets are its design, which is slim enough not to bother your pocket, and the built-in battery to extend the life of our phone. The bad news is that it’s only available for iPhone 55S.

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